Gardening and the Holiday' they mix?

I was just out feeding the chickens and was looking at my beautiful and sorry garden.
This fall was extremely busy and I can't really tell you with what, but I didn't get the garden put to bed as I normally like.  I do have a few things that we are picking: lettuce, chard, purple cabbage and cascadia peas.

The garden is full of weeds and there's not enough mulch.  Sometime, who knows when because of a snow storm in the forecast, I'm going to sprinkle the garden with lime and maybe week.

I made an executive decision that I won't be planting garlic this year.  We have a lot and it's just not going to be done.

Now is the time to start dreaming of next years garden.  Yes, while you have vision of Sugar Plums dancing in your head.  I always start imagining how the garden will be.  I start looking forward to those Seed Catalogs coming.  Amist the Christmas activities there's always at bit of "green garden goodness" dancing around, maybe behind the main curtain on the sidelines.

I have a few links that may get your Garden juices going to:

- Jackie Clay, homesteader and writer for Backwoods Home magazine and author has her own seed company.  I have purchased from her before and been able to harvest watermelons here in Western Washington.

- I'm taking Caleb Warnock Greenhouse Gardening Online Class and working through it in December and January.  My hope is to get a greenhouse built next spring.

- For those of you interested in learning more about Square Foot Gardeing, here's a comprehensive "how to guide".

- Companion Planting may be a key to use in your planning.

- Here a post with some of my favorite seed catalogs.

- This is my favorite flower dreaming site.

Enjoy this season of the Savior's Birth with hope for a beautiful and bountiful New Year!


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