Planning Forward....the Garden

My 2012 Garden Catalog stash.  
I just love looking at them and reading them.  
But I pull out my favorites and use the rest for projects with the Grandkids.

My favorites are:
Territorial Seeds - This catalog is like a western WA gardening guide with planting dates, etc.
Botanical Interests - Great illustrations instead of photos, along with garden projects.
Bountiful Gardens - Sustainable gardening and open-pollinated seeds.
Raintree Nursery - Pacific NW best fruit trees, bushes and berries, plus care instructions.
Ritchers 2012 Herbs - Full of herbal delights for your herb garden.
Le Jardin du Gourmet - You can order very small packets of seed for herb and vegetables to try.
Adaptive Seeds - Now my favorite!  A small company from Sweet Home, OR.  Everything is for the NW garden, open-pollinated seeds.

Last year I purchased and saved two years worth of seeds 
and have them stored in a safe, cool place.
But when I got the 2012 Adaptive Seeds catalog 
there were a few things I "needed".
- Tomato, Oldendorf Red
Tomato, Fakel
Sweet Corn, New Mama Super Sweet
Melon, Sweet Freckles
Kale, Madeley
Cauliflower, Leamington Winter Giant
Oats, Cayuse
Wheat, Maris Wigeon
We are really excited to try these short season "newbies" for our garden.

I hope your garden is in the planning.  In the meantime we are drinking some wonderful Spearmint, Catnip tea from our herb garden. 


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