Garden Planning ~ Start some seeds ~

Now is the perfect time to start some salad greens in the window.

Our oldest daughter lives in Utah and is already eating salad greens and fresh basil.  I'm jealous that I didn't plan as well as she did.

I have my stacks of favorite seed catalogs with "dog earred", highlighted and written in.  Now I'm going to make my master purchasing list.  This year I am buying enough heirloom seeds for at least two years.  I will be storing duplicates in the basement.  I just feel safer by having them stored at home.  Especially with food prices and the new Food Safety bill.  This new federal bill has some interesting things in it for home gardeners.  The bills main sponsor was Monsanto.  That was my biggest clue that I better have heirloom seeds stored, just in case.

One of my favorite resources for heirloom seeds is Winter Sown.  This is a non-profit organization that  shares seeds for FREE.  (You send them a SASE)
They specialize in tomato seeds.  You do have to take a garden quiz....don't worry though, they teach you while you take it.  Then print off a form to send in.  Last year I donated $5 to them and they sent me 24 or more packets of seed.  What a deal!

PS~ We are still picking some salad greens, even after snows and freezes. 


Laura said…
I was feeling that inner urge to plant something just the other day. I think the kids and I will start a salad greens box next week. Thanks for the reminder. :) And for the great info.
bg said…
Love your blog... and I too am a fan of heirloom seeds. We are starting seeds here for our herb garden!
emily :) said…
This might be a dumb question...What is an SASE? And how could we order seeds through the company you recommended? I tried to find out through the website without any luck...could you direct me to the right spot? Thanks!! Really grateful for the info! :)
emily :) said…
Another quick question....I noticed that you mentioned the email reminder from Squarefoot gardening in the link you posted on the question is what zone do you consider our area? I've wondered last year if I got it right...all turned out okay, but still curious for this year :) Thanks again!
Catherine Love said…
Hi Kristine,
I'm popping over from Mary Jane's Farm, love your blog ... I'll be back for a visit soon!
Kristine said…
You go to Then click on Gateway to Seeds. There you will be filling out a questionnaire to test your garden knowledge. Don't worry there's no way to fail. Just follow the prompts.

As far as zone I think you are orange zone.

I hope this helps.

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