Window Box Indoor Gardening

 I have been trying to figure out how to afford oblong window box planters with drip trays.  They run about $10 each.  Too much for me.  I thought that there has to be an alternative.  Here's my version.  Buy a set of shoebox plastic containers, 6 for $5. Drilled holes in the bottom, even drilling 2 at a time.

Yesterday I got a tickler email from reminding me to start seed indoors for: Parsley, Broccoli, and Cabbage.  So I decided to add a few others, too.

When I opened the Micro Green packet, it had Red Bull & Chard greens, so I replaced the Red Chard         in box 2 with Wild Garden Lettuce Mix.  Each box is planted, marked with popsicle sticks
and placed in the SW window.

It will be fun to watch these grow.  The braccis family planted will be transplanted into the garden.  The herbs and the salad green will be a welcomed addition to our meals.  Then the parsley will be transplanted into the garden also.
Think green....think garden!!!


This is so unique and interesting1 I LOVE flowers and trees and foliage but had not really ever thought abt herbs....very different! In a good way!

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