Today I Had the Opportunity to Doula.....

Sheep.  Her name is Mimosa.

She had two lambs.

Zeus was a eager eater, but Juliet is a little slower.  Juliet did frolic a little bit.
We gave them all some diluted Cayenne Tincture and are having to bottle feed 
Juliet some colostrum to get her strength up.

Mimosa is a patient mother and may have another lamb yet.  No placenta presented either.  
It may be a long night for the owners.  The vet has been contacted.
Just checked mom & babies.  All doing well.  Yeah!!! 

I love spring & birth.  What a blessing to be able to work with these sweet animals.

Here I am with Easter.  He was born last Sunday on Easter.
It has been a great, beautiful Sunday.  Attended my Church meetings, then got a text requesting help.
I get to check on them the next few days.  Hurray!!!


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