Missing in Action.....

These past few weeks I have been "missing in action" from blogging and even, other activities.   But I have been in "action" in the garden, along with my awesome family of helpers!  I schedule out this time of year with garden appoinments.  So when I am asked if I am busy...you bet, I am!

 Just before Mother's Day I purchased new garden shoes.  I wear a 11 1/2 or 42 size shoe, which makes it difficult at best to find shoes.  All of the "cute" garden shoes, Slogger & Bogs, with flowers or designs or color are not available in my size.  So I purchased black men's Sloggers in size 10....then drizzled different colors of nail polish.  Now none of the "crew" will wear my garden/farm shoes.
 We have two beautiful royal blue pots on either side of our porch entry.  The dusty miller wintered over.  I started sweet peas from seed a month or so ago, then added a few annuals.  The oregano and  marjoram  is so bright green and gorgeous.
 Our oldest son, presented me with his traditional fushia for Mother's day.  Thank you!
The tomatoes are tall and I still have lots of starts in process and to be planted.  This is an on-going process through out the season.
 I did plant 8 tomaotes in large pots which reside on the south side of our garage.  To each pot I added a basil plant in front and a few lettuce seed, which I hope will mature before the tomato plant takes over the pot.
I have started Watermelon seeds  from Jackie Clay, a Backwoods Homes writing who lives in Minnesota and Noir des Carmes Cantaloupe seeds from Caleb Warnock in Utah.  I am extremely excited to see if I can grow melons in Western Washington.
 The spring moon has been spectacular!  I am so happy that the sunsets now after 8:30pm.  What a treat.  My favorite time to work in the garden is in the evening.
 We have lovely everbearing Strawberries that are begging to be planted in our new Berry Patch.
Here is part of the garden as of a week ago.  The peas are up, 5 varities of beans planted, over 300 onions in, potatoes popping through, braccasis family put in, cucumbers planted and so much more to do.  Along with all the spring farm chores and animals. 
We still have much to plant and I will continue to plant until the first week of September.  So if I have seemed a little distracted, know that I am focused on the season.


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