Great Mentors

Today I was listening to the  Whole Earth Summit
with a interview of these two great teachers and foodies


Peter Dane, Permaculture Handbook and Joel Salatin, Polyface Farm
They said a couple of things that inspired me and prompted these thoughts:

- " Carress the land, don't conquer it."
My take on that was, "Co-create a paradise with God, Animals and  the Earth."

- 3 Things to be a Wise Steward:  
1 - Read  Widely and Veraciously, even conflicting ideas
2 - Listen to the Inner Voice (Holy Ghost)
3 - Share your Education with Those Who Want It

- "The Kitchen is the Center of EVERY Living Home"

- "Reclaim our Household Sovereignty!"

- "The Future of the Economy is LOCAL!"  Invest starting in your own property and then community.

Learning about and trying to be a wise steward brings me great joy and happiness.


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