March Project List ~ Update

At the beginiing of the month an article of mine was published in Heritage Homesteaders .  Here is the list with my progress.

- sew aprons and pot holders
I got out a bin that had some old towel and fabric strips already sewn to a backing.  I finished sewing and cut them into pot holder size.  Sewed binding on to finished 2 potholders. ~ For the aprons I asked my oldest daughter if she would finish a couple that I had already cut out and she did.  They are beautiful!

- start braccasis, tomato, pepper and salad green seeds
 Yes, they are doing well.  The tomatoes are about 3 1/2" high.  The peppers have not germinated well, only 50% germination.  Salad greens are ready to transplant into the garden with cloches.

- teach hand crafted herbal soap class
The class went well.  We made Patchouli Spice, Lavender Rosemary (my favorite) and Lemon Poppy Seed.  Learned cold and hot processed.  Then I made another batch of soap, Shampoo Bars.

- write chapter 2 of Herbal Momma’s School of Domestic Arts book
I was able to coordinate and do rough drafts for 11 chapters.  They just flowed together, but need a lot of editing.

- remake used candles
Didn't get done.

- propagate ever-bearing raspberries starts
Cut and started 18, but only have 6 that took and survived.  But yeah, we have 6!

- write 2 Herbal Momma’s blog posts
Wrote and posted 8, including this one.

- work on fire building skills with family
Didn't get it done.

- write 1 post for Heritage Homesteaders  
Done.  Look for it any day.
- go to sewing expo 
I went on Thursday by myself.  Friday I watched our grandchildren so our oldest could go with our youngest daughter.  Then Saturday we went together.  It was such a great time, but the girls we helpful by say, "that will be great for should buy 3 yards of this, etc.".  So I spent more, or should I say, my wad, with them advising me :)
- find hunters safety course
I am so excited that the course is Online with a 5 hour On-Site Safety Evaluation.  We are scheduling taking the online part in April.

- make salt cured lemons 
The lemon turned out so wonderful and smell delightful.  This coming Sunday I am making a Shrimp Tortellini  dish with Garlic Lemon Sauce using some of them. 

- put together essential oil “pain” blend
This is the perfect help for sore hands, arms and backs from all the pruning and building a Wattle Raised Bed.  So happy it is done.

- prune fruit trees, roses and berries

- investigate raising pigs 
We decided not to raise them now.

- work on the Wirth family history
I didn't get very much done.  I have a bunch of pictures that I plan on uploading and identifying individuals in them.

~ Each day, week and month has its own "ebbs and flow".  The weather adds another dimension to my "to do" list.  I am happy with my progress and appreciate my family's help.  It has been a wonderful month! 


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