Garden; Peas and Greens and Cultured Salted Lemons

 It was a beautiful sunny day and the temperature was about 55'.
I started some more pea seeds.  This time it's Oregon Sugar Pod II.  There are a great bush pea.  
They are soaking over night and in the morning I will place them on a cookie sheet covered with a paper towel, then cover with another paper towel, mist with water to sprout.  As soon as they get a sprout on them I will plant them in the ground.  ~ This idea came from my friend, Saunya.

My raised beds needed very little preparation because last year we topped them off with wood chips, making them Back to Eden beds.  In this picture you see how easy it is to use my little hand rake to move aside the wood chips and plant the chard and salad green starts.  I add the plastic containers from organic spinach on only part of them to see if they do any better covered this time of year or not.
Gardening is truly one of life's greatest experiments. 

Here are the same bush peas.  I did not pre-sprout, but soaked for 2 hours and direct seeded them They were planted February 11th. They are about 1 inch high.

 Cultured Salted Lemons
 These are beautiful, home grown, organic Meyers Lemons.
I cut the ends off, sliced into quarters or sixths, depending on the size and removed most of the seeds.
Then I added a layer of course salt in the bottom of my jar and layered the lemons and salt, 
finishing off with a layer of salt.  My friend, Laura makes these great caps for culturing foods.
You can find them at Firelight Heritage Farms.  
She also has some great Small Sustainable Farming Books and other resourceful information.

These Meyers Lemons are so delicious and precious, I can't waste any of it.
So I am drying the end pieces to add to tea or seasonings.

Emily our youngest daughter suggested we try to sprout them and grow some lemon trees.
She knows that I really want to have a Meyers Lemon tree and grow our own lemons.

This has been a wonderful productive day!


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