Beginner Gardening

This the season.  We all have the itch to work in the soil and sun, right? 
I have spend some time reading gardening books lately.  It has helped with my soil/sun/plant addiction ;)
Some of my darling garden helpers.

One author, Caleb Warnock suggested planting raspberries as a beginning crop. We all like them.  And in most soils and climates they will thrive easily.  But, most of all, we all love berries!

Here is a link to a great article; Heritage Homesteaders Blog - Beginner Gardening
You might want to subscribe to this blog.  I am a contributing author and will have regular articles posted there.

So here is to SPRING, March 20th.  Look forward by learning, planning, starting some seeds indoor and if you lucky preparing your soil.


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