SEEDS .... time to choose

Now is the time that we buy seeds and plan our gardens.  To me gardening is an experiment, every year.

Choosing the right seeds is one of the main ways to help you have a better garden.  But there are a few contributing factors to these choices;  open pollunitated, hybrid, heirloom, organic are only some of them.

One of my goals is to be seed sufficient.  Meaning that I will have saved the seeds I need for our garden.
You may have noticed that that is one of my main garden goals.  I work toward this end every year.  

In order to save your own seeds you can not grow hybrid seeds.  We'll you can save them, but they will not grow true to the original seeds that you planted in your garden.

Many of us purchase our seeds at Fred Meyer because they have a sale of buy 2 get 1 free.  For those of you here is a link to the NON-Hybrid Vegetables that they carry. 

So whatever seed company you purchase from, try to select either Open Pollinated, Heirloom seeds.


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