Seeds, Seeds and My New Book

Enie, menie, minie, mow.....which seeds shall I grow?

I am gathering and organizing our garden seeds.  Some were in the freezer, some in the cool, dark closet and others I have recently purchased.

There is usually a years supply of seeds that I store in a plastic shoe box, seal with duct tape around the lid and place in the freezer.  This provides a jump start on the garden and it is protection if I can't afford or am not able to buy seeds the next year.

The jars in the pictures are of the larger seeds that I have grown and collected.

This year I have purchased seeds from:
- Ed Hume Seeds sold at Fred Meyers.  Buy 2 get 1 free.  I have purchased a few to fill in my stash and only buy Open Pollinated from them.  Of course we have to always have extra Sweet Basil seeds!

- Jackie Clay Heirloom Seeds.  
Howden Pumpkin; grows about 20 lbs and is a all purpose squash
Blacktail Mountain Watermelon; a early melon that ripens 65 to 70 days in Minnesota, so it might get ripe here
Hopi Squash; Jackies famous, prolific, squash.  I want to see if it will perform as well as Oregon Homestead from Carol Deppe.  We only have one Oregon Homestead squash left.  They are so good.
Dragon Tongue Bush Bean; tasty, tender prolific bean.
Provider Green Bush Bean; early season till frost, heavy producer of tender, delicious beans.

I have been waiting over a year to purchase; Rampicante Italian Vining Zucchini
sweeter than a regular Zucchini used as a summer squash or let completely mature and use like a Butternut.
Stevia seeds; a herb that is VERY sweet and can replace sugar for sweetener. 

I like to support small seed producers and both Jackie and Caleb are adapt homesteaders that I respect!

Some of my favorites seeds that I have saved and don't want to ever be without are:
- Stupice, Fakel, Black Plum and Yellow Pear Tomatoes
- Bronze Fennel, Cilantro and Lovage.  These are all herbs that I use almost daily

Now for some other news:  I am writing a book!   
Herbal Momma's School of Domestic Arts

This book will have a variety of subjects of Home Management, Herbal Healing, Home Remedies, Essential Oils, Gardening, Food Preservation, lots of Recipes and Stress Management.  

I am currently reworking Chapter 1; Frugal Feasting.  So keep a look out for my progress.   

I am so excited to finally be at a place in my life that I am able to write this book!


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