Last Winter Garden Planting

This afternoon I planted the last of the Winter Garden, except for the garlic.  It will be planted the end of the month.

As you can probably see we are doing the "Back to Eden" garden 
and it is working well.  I just move the wood chips aside to the soil and plant.  
I am amazed at how many earthworms there are just below the chip level.

This is what I planted and where I got the seeds from:
Red Chard - My Saved Seeds
Purple Sprouting Broccoli - Ed Hume
Raab Broccoli Zambonhi - Ed Hume
Improved Swarf Siberian Kale - Territorial Seed
Bloomsdale Spinach - Ferry Morse
Arugula, Rocket - Lily Miller

The following I received as part of  class I took from 
I recommend his seeds and books.
Winter Green Jewel Romaine
Purple Top White Globe Turnip
May King Lettuce
American Spinach
Collard Vates
I am trying to save more seeds each year, both herb and vegetables.  
I may even have some available for barter soon.


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