Potato Planting

I'm so excited to have gotten the potatoes planted today.  As you can see we are doing this with a different method.  Two of my sons put together the pallets to create six bins.  The soil was tilled first then a wheel barrow of rabbit droppings added.  I then planted the potato starts.

1 bin Russets from the store that had huge starts about 10" long.
1 bin Reds from our garden last year that were pretty puny, but had starts on them.
2 bins Yukon Gold, my favorite, that I purchased at Del's, local feed store.
2 bins Ida Rose Reds, I believe, also purchased from Del's, our local feed store.

The plan is as they start to leaf out we will be placing a layer of wood chips on top.  This too will be part of our "Back to Eden" gardening experiment.  We will be watering overhead as needed. And if we have too we will place a 1/2 pallet in front of each bin as they grow.

Field potatoes and potato barrels haven't been very successful for us, so we have high hopes for this method.
I will post as they develop.


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