Back to Eden ~ Stages

Our Back to Eden garden transformation progress:
 This week we were able to get the west side of the garage, facing the house ready for my herb garden.  I previously have grown a variety of herbs along this strip.  We removed them, weedeated down any weeds, placed a few layers of newspaper down and then topped with wood chips and edged with rocks.  This Saturday we will be doing the east side of the house that faces the garage.  This will make my herb beds opposite each other with the grass in between....happy day!

I am excited to replant herbs and even adding a few new ones. But my most exciting thing is to make plant markers for each herb.  I haven't decided on which kind to make and have been browsing Pinterest.  If you have any suggestions or ideas for plant markers, please share.
 Here is our transformed JuneBearing Strawberry bed.  The berries are already setting fruit.  
Only a few weeds have popped through and they are very easy to remove.
Here is a bed that has two different woodchips added to it from different deliveries.  The Raab Broccoli was planted last fall and we placed chips around them.  The top stems and buds will taste good in a few days and then the rest plant will be pulled and feed to the rabbits.

Our progress on the Back to Eden garden is taking shape.  I did plant onion starts, but you can barely see those young, thin things.  Plus the chickens got into them and moved the chips around too much.  My hope is to have our last few beds chipped by the end of the week.


Hi, Kristine! I'm new to the farmgirl connection and I'm hopping around visiting the bloggers.

I know where Boney Lake is. I remember when it was pretty much just a tavern! I was raised in Enumclaw but lived in Carbonado and South Prairie for a few years as an adult. Idaho is home now but western Washinton will always call to me!

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