Seeds on Sale ... NOW

 Right now at our local, 
Bonney Lake, WA, Home Depot,
ALL seeds are on sale:
Buy One, 
Get One FREE

This is the perfect time to stock up on next years seeds.
I put mine in a plastic shoe box, label it, and add a strap of duct tape around the edge of the lid to ensure a better seal.

I have kept seeds this way for the past few years and found to to hold their viability well.  Even onions seed that are not suppose to store well longer than a year really do if they are frozen.

In fact, I think most of the seeds germinate better with Stratifying.
(freezing seeds for a period of time before attempting germination)

New this year at 
Home Depot are Organic,
Seeds of Change Seeds.  
They are Heirloom and Open Pollinated.  
This makes them great for home seed saving.  
And that provides you $$$ savings.  

Plus the added bonus that the seeds you save from the plants grown in your garden will become better adapted to your micro-climate.

You will be starting your own seed bank.  This will provide your family with the kind of security that money can't buy.

For additional information see this article:
Seed Banks and Longer Seed Storage

Happy Gardening...
And Happy Spring!!!


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