Back to Eden Garden at Our House is Coming.

We are converting our garden beds to Back to Eden method.  This is an exciting more for us.  I plan on sharing with you what we are doing and how it is going.

This is my Spearmint/ Peppermint bed "before".

Step #1 was to weed-eat.
 Step #2 Lay newspaper down, then start laying raw wood chips.  Not bark, but tree branches that have been chipped.  I called my local  Tree Services to find one that would drop a load off a my place.
 Step #3 Pulled away a little bark to expose the newspaper, dig into the dirt and planted the mint. Then push a little bit of chips close to the plant, but not right up to it.


~ Here's our daughter doing the Spearmint side of the bed now.
You can see the Comfrey in the middle by the cement bench.

My husband and I are in our 50's now, our garden help is leaving the nest.  So when I saw the Back to Eden movie it resonated with me as what we needed to start doing in our garden.  I shared this with my husband and even suggested we go and look at Paul Gautschi gardens in Sequim, WA about 2 hours away from us.  He encouraged me to just start the transformation because of the information that I shared with him.  ~ You just gotta love a trusting man!

Now here we are with 2 piles of wood chips that we are hauling into the gardens.

Here's our first of the raised beds that we are doing.  See the Kale that was planted last fall, ready to harvest soon.


Diane Barnard said…
How did this method work for you? Did you add any soil amendments before laying down the newspaper?
Kristine said…
We added nothing to the soil before covering it. This spring I have been planting and am amazed at the amount of earthworms. It is because of the earthworms and their casings you do not need to fertilize. Watch Back to Edan movie on YouTube. The garden keeps getting better and the soil is fabulous. Drains well and needs less watering in the summer. Added bonus...less weeds.

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