Storms, Trees, Power Outages

By January 19th we had 12" of snow and a thick coating of ice on everything.  It was beautiful!
But we lost power for 3 days and had a wonderful time with family bonding, becoming more skilled at using our wood cookstove and thriving without electricity.
 Then on January 24th in the late evening a wind storm came that "blew" us away.  Trees came down everywhere, including our property and our neighbors.  One of their trees came down across the street into our trees and when it came down it took all the utility lines and the power pole with it.  We had "live" lines in our front yard, drive and on our street.  We were safe in our home for just over 24 hours.  We were able to get out the back to do our animals and DH was able to go to work via the neighbors drive.  But we had the adventure of watching power poles being put in and restored.
Today we were assisted by Travis (our Yakima farmer/produce man) and his brother, Troy Heine, Tree Master.  They are both great Tree-men, bonded and licensed.  Troy specialized in Fine Pruning and can take care of anyone beautiful and ornamental trees with great care.  Contact 509-654-6054 or

Please call them if you need any tree removal or tree care!


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