Wildcraft Wednesday

I have a few Herbal blogs that I really like that you might like to check out.
Woodwife's Journal
Common Sense Homesteading
Mind Body and Sole

They do a Wildcraft Wednesday that has links to others herbal preparations, including mine.

If you go to my post Making Autumn Herbals you can see that there herbals preparations that support the upper respiratory system.   This is not just because it's that "season", but because I have been caught by some "walking pneumonia" type bug, that has lasted over 2 months now.  The naturopath did a full blood screen and the main problem is low white blood count, possibly from immunizations when I was a child.  In addition to the Autumn Herbals I am taking additional Vit. C & D, Fish Oil, homeopathics for deep seeded virus.  Plus acupuncture, cranial, massage and Epson salt/essential oil baths.

The reason I share this is because, even those of us in the healing field have opportunities to learn and be challenged by ailments. I have improved, relapsed and improved again.   It is giving me a new prospective, understanding and patience.  I am learning to set new priorities and to reach out to others that can support my healing.  My family has (is) learning to do more and support me better.

So all of this is a growing experience for all of us in a good way.  My health and strength is much better and I am on the road of recovery.  May you have a slower, more peaceful December with lots of joy and love!!!  I am!


Wanderer said…
Hello! I'm not sure how I missed this shout out but thank you so much! Your blog is very attractive and I informative! I'm your newest follower!
Garden Girl said…
Will you be doing a wildcraft class this Spring?

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