Join Me on a Sourdough Adventure

I have made Whole Grain Artisan Breads, but haven't really gone on the Sourdough Adventure yet.  Not until this week.  Now I have challenged myself to not only re-activiate a starter, but to use it in many ways over the next few months.
I grew up in the outskirts of the Bay Area, California. My mom had a sourdough starter going and made us dollar sized pancakes from it.  It was an occasional treat. We had beautiful, tangy, Sourdough French Bread available to us.  It smelled and tasted so delicious.  That was before my conversion to Whole Grains 25 years or more.  Though I still love that San Fransisco Sourdough.
So now I am experimenting and going to learn the "how-to's" of Sourdough Cooking.

I found a free starter from Calr Griffith's 1847 Oregon Trail Sourdough Starter that they so graciously mailed to me.  I have also subscribed to GNOWFGLINS Sourdough eCourse and printed off the course to work through as my text course of study.  The 1 1/2" binder is full and even my grand-daughter couldn't believe that Grandma was going to have to do that much school-work.

Today is day 4.  My starter is just this afternoon starting to smell sour.  Before it "stunk".  It is bubbly and glutenous. My plan is the keep feeding it till day 7, then on day 8 make Tortillas.

Do you make Sourdough?  Please share your experiences and knowledge.  I will post my progress.


Pam said…
Thanks so much for coming by my blog and leaving me a nice comment. :0)

I used to keep sourdough and use it. It makes the absolute best pizza crust. Right now my doctor doesn't want me eating any gluten. I'm wondering if I could still do sour dough, though, because I've read that even many celiacs can handle a true sour dough. It may end up back in our diet.

I can't wait to poke around your blog and see what other lovely things I can find. :0)
country@heart said…
Great article - thanks for sharing!

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