Preparedness Challenge #17

This last week we got these things done:

~This summer has been so cool...too cool to grow tomatoes.  We started all the tomatoes from heirloom seeds in February.
The PVC pipes, plastic, with clamps.  Everyday the tomatoes seem to be growing.  These are Stupice, a determinate, with 2" fruits and high yields.

~ Sweet Meat - Oregon Homestead
I have been babying these; started the seeds in the oven,
planted in one of the big beds with the best soil and special
fertilizer.  They are now really starting to take off, with our cool summer.  I even saw some baby's today :)

~ Canned 12 quarts Spaghetti Meat Sauce.
I love having meals in a jar in the pantry!

~ Nantes Carrots, the only kind we grow.
This plant is growing and I've been keeping it weeded,
so we can save the seeds.

~ These are Amish Paste, a indeterminate tomato, plum variety that produces high yields (we hope).  This is also a heirloom variety that we started from seed.  There are 7 plants that are in large pots in front of our garage.  The garage faces south and we put stings up to trellis them. Hopefully the heat from the south will encourage more growth for them.  They are growing a few inches a week now, with some blossoms.

                                                                       Preparedness Challenge #17


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