Make-Up Simplified

I am trying in many areas to simplify my life.  This morning while I was putting on my make-up, a brainstorm came...

Why not take all of the eye shadows that I like and put them into two containers?  One for lighter, all over eyelid and the other for contour and edge of eye?  I already use powdered mineral foundation, why not use a loose powder for shadow and blush too? So I took almost all of the shadows that I have, scraped them out, dividing them into light or darker onto some freezer paper, then poured them into pot shaped container.

I did the same thing with blush.....Then I got really crazy and did the same thing with the lipsticks that I have.  All 23 tubes!  Now I have cute little pots of lip color, including one for my purse.  I'll just use my finger or a lip brush to apply.

Now this might not be for everyone.  I do have a simple make-up routine; Momma's Salve, Mineral foundation, light & darker eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, blush and lip stick with very few variations.
But I have a make-up drawer that is much easier to use and my morning routine just became faster.


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