Herb Schools and Education

 Beautiful Catnip, Nepeta Cataria growing in our yard.

I have been asked what Herb Schools I would recommend to those who want to take some classes.
So here's my list:

If you are interested in some awesome self paced education without a certificate, Learning Herbs is the place.

Each of these school's has something a little different to offer.  There are also many others. 

My herbal journey started at age 9 in the woods camping with my family.  At my mothers knee she introduced me to Miners Lettuce and told me it was edible.  Through the years I increased my Herbal and Edible knowledge by reading every herbal book that I could find.  While in high school I read Jethro Kloss' book, Back to Eden and even used it to heal a stomach ulcer.  The only other book that I could find at the time was A Modern Herbal (Volume 1 &2) by Maud Grieve. I studied these and went to Alternative Living Conferences in my late teens and twenties.  And bought the few new herb books as they come along.  

By the time I finished high school, I had my cosmetology license too, but I wanted to be a Naturopath.  At that time there wasn't any local schools for that.  They were all abroad.  So I continued with my personal studies and worked in the cosmetology field, book industry and did some management.

In 1981 my first of seven children was born and I followed the "natural mothering" that was instinctual in me.  Reading more health books including; Adele Davis', Feed Your Child Right, Paavo Airola and Dr. Mendelson's, How to Raise Your Child in Spite of Your Doctor.  With each child I learned more along the way.  We went through routines of cod liver oil, leather medicine bags, tofu and many other "trials".  Of which, the children were trusting good sports.  We always ate a diet of whole grains and foods with lots of fresh and mostly homegrown produce.  I continued to read, study, identify plants and experiment.

In 1986 I took my first Herbal Class.  Taught by a Canadian Herbalist who own a Herb Farm in Kent, WA.  She was awesome and we made Vinegar of the Thieves.  I made it in all of it's glorious vinegar and garlic, trying to feed it to my growing brude. That was hard to get down them.  This class added kindling to a already growing fire for healing knowledge.

The summer of 1993 our family camped.  Yes, we camped the whole summer.  Crazy yes...but a great experience to learn so much by harvesting, using wild herbs and enjoying nature. Later in the fall of 1993, I started apprenticing with a Midwife and pursued it as a complimentary modality.  Along with learning midwifery, I took a Emotional Healing course, and was mentored in the art of Kinesology.  This was a very stressful time personally for our family, but what a glorious adventure.

By 1997 it was apparent that I was going to be a single mom.  I started Dr. Christopher's School of Natural Healing and was going to become a Herbalist.  I also went to Seattle School of Midwifery and became a Post Partum Doula after deciding that midwifery and motherhood of a large family didn't blend well.

I completed the Certified Herbalist program in about a year and am just a few classes short of Master Herbalist.  I worked in the health field as a Staff Trainer for Rainbow Light and Ayurvedic Concepts.  I had the opportunity to travel throughout western Washington to all the Health Food stores, huge Health Conferences in the Western US training, demonstrating products and teaching.

 Currently I also have pursued Energy and Emotional Healing.  Thus being trained in Reiki, Calyco Healing, and a Master Rapid Eye Therapist to add to my background in Women's and Family Natural Health.
So in amongst teaching Herbal, Health, Healing and Home Skill classes, I do sessions with clients assisting them to release stresses, past trauma and block and Wellness Coaching.

Lifelong learning is an eternal path for me.  I don't see it ever ending. 
Now you know my journey.  Blessings on your journey to wellness and knowledge.


Laura said…
You are so amazing! I loved reading about your journey, thank you for sharing. And I feel the same way about lifelong learning...may it never end!

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