Garden Seed Update

I've been on a seed buying mission.  Hopefully by now you have your lists made of what you want to grow.  You can even copy and paste my list off of the blog, if you like.  Then delete or add your family favorites.  My list is of all heirloom seeds.

Fred Meyers has their sale on.  This year it's Buy 2 Get 1 Free.  That's only 33% off, but that's better than nothing. I bought mostly Ed Hume Seeds.  Rite Aid has their seed racks up with 40% off.

I ordered seed potatoes from Gurney's seed.  I had a 50% off $50 order.  Right now they have:
Save $20.00 When You Buy
Product Totaling $40.00 or More!
Limit One Offer Per Customer
 My seed boxes are filling up.  This year my goal was to purchase additional seeds for next year also.  
These I currently have stored in a plastic container, but they will soon be sealed in a #10 metal can 
for storage and put away in our cool basement.

I am having trouble finding Bloomsdale Long Standing & Bloomsdale Savoy Spinach, Anaheim Peppers and Pak Choi.  I am still researching where the best and most reasonable place will be to purchase the heirloom corn seed that I would like.  

The rest of the seeds I will be purchasing at Le Jardin Seeds. They have two sizes for their seeds; sample $.35 and large $1.  I am buying some seeds in duplicate sample size; one for this year and the other to go into the seed storage can.  They have a great selection of herb seeds, both culinary and medicinal.
Happy Gardening!


RUA2J said…
I think Gurneys sells the Bloomsdale.
Kristine said…
Thanks, I found some locally.

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