Garden at Rest

We have about 6 inches of snow on the ground from yesterday and it just started snowing again.
 The Garden At Rest 
Photo taken by: Emily Farley

The Sugar Snap Peas were planted on Feb. 15th.  We had lots of rain right after they were planted, so they are plumping up and getting ready to "burst" forth from the soil and snow.

Right now I am finishing my preparations for Essential Oils, Beyond the Basics class this Saturday.  It will be lots of fun and we will all smell wonderful afterward :)

How are your garden plans going? What is your garden dream?  I am reading the Resilient Gardener by Carol Deppe.  Very interesting.


I just got done reading a bunch of your posts. Great blog. I really enjoyed your writing. Lots of good ideas and great photos. Love your barn.
Kristine said…
Thanks. Beautiful blog of your own. What gorgeous gardens you have.
Sue said…
Your garden is just lovely - even covered in snow. I can't wait to see how it looks when things get blooming :) 50's here in Maryland today - I may go work on turning over some beds, cutting back perennials and herbs and see what's coming up. I'm so excited to see my witch hazel starting to bloom. I'm wishing for spring!!

(found you via MaryJanes Farm chat, by the way!!)

Kristine said…
MaryJanes is great. Thanks for looking.
Deborah Jean said…
Hi Kristine,

Happy March! I got my herb seeds planted yesterday in egg carton's for my dream container Herb garden this spring and summer! Great blog!

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