New Years Special

In celebration of 2011, I am offering $11 off any of the classes listed below, when you bring a friend.  So you can split the difference and your class will cost each of you $29.50 or you pay $24 and your friend pays $35.

It's so fun to learn together.  One of my biggest goals this year is to share as much as I can with students.  2011 is about more; learning, applying it and growing personally.

All classes are full of information and inspiration! 

Each class is taught using all your senses and is an experiential experience.  Plus ...lots of FUN!

Email Kristine to sign up - 


Essential Oil Basics and a Few Blends      $35        Jan. 15th  ~10 am to 1pm
The world of essential oils can be overwhelming, so we will cover 8 to 10 basic essential oils.  This will include aromatherapy, household, personal and medicinal uses.  Plus I will share with you my 3 blend formula recipes for pain, bronchial and my own “Thieves”. We will discuss storage, purchasing and applications.  As usual with our classes you will get to experience using them.

Applied Home Remedies                  $35                     Feb. 5th  ~ 10am to 1pm
This will be a hands-on class and we will cover how to treat ailments and some first aid using herbs, hydrotherapy, and other common ingredients that are easily available at your local stores.  Everyone who signs up will be asked to email in the top 5 ailments they want to learn to treat at home and we will try to cover them.  The list so far is:  headaches, arthritis & muscle pain, stomach aches, bronchial challenges, ear aches, even some home treatments for cuts.  This class will assist you to be more self reliant in taking care of your family’s health care needs.

Essential Oils, Beyond the Basics          $35            Feb. 26th ~ 10am to 1pm
Next step in essential oils will be additional 6 to 10 oils, blending basics, relaxation and stress release, and essential oil treatments, similar to Rain Drop and Vita Flex treatments. Learn when to apply these treatments and how to incorporate them with other natural health treatments. 

Herbs 101                                                     $35          March 19th  ~ 10am to 1 pm   
Learn how to make infusions, decoctions, honey and syrups, vinegars, capsules, immune boosts and how to use at least a dozen healing herbs for common ailments. Class will include tea, tastes, information packed handouts, plus some herbal treats.

All classes have limited space. 
Email reservation ASAP
to Kristine ~ 
Payments appreciated before class, 
but accepted at class by check or cash.
 Classes are held in Bonney Lake 
You will be email directions with your reservation.

If you have specific questions you would like to have addressed during a class, please make sure they relate to the topic and contact Kristine 48 hours prior to class.



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