Natural Cleaners & Clutter

We are focusing on de-cluttering the house and doing "Spring" cleaning.  I like to get it done early, so February/March can be spent on sewing and quilting ...  And starting the garden :)
Photo from Crest Cottage
I just email out to all the students who took the Essential Oil Basics class additional information on "Green" cleaners that you can make.  I thought I would share them with you too.  But first I have to share with you a great entry from this blog Crest Cottage Orange Cleaner.  I can't wait to try this.  No essential oils needed to make Orange Cleaner.  Everyone can have a jar of this going with fresh Orange Cleaner to share with your friends.

Natural Kitchen & Household Cleaners 
 You probably have all the basic ingredients you need to clean your kitchen and home; baking soda, vinegar, salt, castile soap and tea tree, lemon and orange essential oils.
Basic CleanerIn spray bottle add: 1 Tablespoon Castile Soap, 15-25 drops lemon, orange &/or tea tree essential oil, 3 Tablespoons vinegar, fill with water. Shake well before each use.
Two Step Cleanser (This really works on greasy sinks, etc.) – Part A - Vinegar Mixture- In a spray bottle add: ½ cup vinegar, 25 drops of lemon or thieves essential oils, fill with water. Part B – Powder Mixture – Put into shaker container equal parts Borax & Baking Soda. To Use – Spray sink or counter, stove top, etc with Vinegar Mixture. Sprinkle with Powder Mixture, scrub and rinse or wipe clean.
Scent Remover (like Fabreeze)Add to spray bottle; ½ water & ½ alcohol, scent with essential oils if desired.  Shake and use.
Window CleanerFill spray bottle ½ vinegar & ½ distilled water, add 10 to 15 drops lemon essential oils.  Shake & spray to clean.

Here's we are doing to De-Cluttering:
- We are also getting rid of unused &/or non-recyclable clothing (more on this next month) and donating them or free-cycling.  
- Consolidating games. Taking all of the  5 Monopoly games money and houses and putting them all together, stacking the game boards, putting the Chance, Community Chest and Real Estate cards into a ziplock bag (1 bag per game). Placing these bags together in a small plastic container on top of the stacked game boards.
- Going through drawers, organizing, and throwing away unused items. 
- We our also going through our extensive library and getting rid of books that no longer hold interest or will not be used for reference.  These books are being bartered for wanted items, taken to a local used bookstore or given away.

Hopefully we can get most of this done so we can start some fun projects and use some fresh Orange Cleaner and maybe even get some windows washed?


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