Spring Again ~ November 2nd?

I have been watching the leaves turn red, golds, yellow and brown, the spider webs have been spectacular and the rhubarb is fading fast but, there are tender spring greens awaiting harvest.

 I was wondering are the seasons mixed up?  Or is this just a special gift from nature to let us know that there is hope following our fall and winter?  None the less, I'm excited to have these tender beauties to use.  Each has new growth and the lemon verbena, chickweed and dandelion are blooming.   I think I'll make some fresh tinctures this week while the weather is nice. 

Yesterday, here in the SE Puget Sound we got over 1 1/2 inches of rain in 24 hours.  It didn't rain, it poured!
Can you believe it our Calla Lily is blooming again?  This is a spring blooming plant.  I have never seen it bloom out of season.

~ Special notice to all those who have been awaiting our new kitchen:  Counter-tops are suppose to be installed today, even as I write this I am waiting for them to be delivered....  waiting and waiting with baited breath... Pictures will be available soon and the outdoor kitchen will close.  We will set it up again as a canning area with the dehydrator, not for everyday, every meal use :)


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