Outdoor Kitchen and What's Up!

My blog has been neglected and this post can tell why?  Here is a beautiful picture of our outdoor kitchen with Emily preparing crepes for breakfast the other morning.  (more on those in another post) 

There is a dishwashing area, two tubs, like to olden days.  Thank goodness for bins that are holding emamel camping dishes, towels, utensils, plasitc containers and bags, etc.  We have a hose with a spray nozzle that is behind Emily, that is hanging on a bracket.  So cold water is "on-demand".

The hardest thing wasn't setting up an outdoor kitchen or even using it.  It was changing my attitude to be cheerful over this experience and learning as much as I can from it.  I have started a written list of "one pot" meals and crock-pot meals because washing dishes while hauling or boiling water is time consuming.  As they are prepared I will post them with recipes.

Our real kitchen, the one inside was flooded by a original drain pile that wore through. 

Currently, we are still working with insurance for a final settlement, so we can start remodeling.  I am spending more time than I like learning about cabinets, hauling hot water from the bathtub, and planning.

I will be posting our progress.  But in the meantime, there is no schedule for classes, unless you want to come over to see our outdoor kitchen  :)

Feel free to email me with questions or comments. kristinef@clearwire.net


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