Garden Update & What to Plant NOW

 This is what our garden looks like today.  I just picked a arm load of zucchini from one plant.

Our garden has been neglected because of all of our family activities; our daughter's wedding with two receptions in two different states, birth of a grandson, a daughter moving in with three children under three, etc. But we have had so much fun! 
Our eight children were together with us for the first time in ten years, along with my parents and six grandchildren.  What a treat!  Even better than a beautiful, productive garden :)

Now it's time to get back to gardening and it's already time for Fall Planting.  In our lovely NW area I usually continue to plant until September 1st.  I plant between the other crops that are now flourishing, like the cucumbers pictured below.

This week I will planting:
Salad Greens of all kinds
Broccoli, Califlower
Kale (we love it!)
Swiss Chard
Carrots, lots of them
Beet, Cylindrical

Until next time....Happy Planting and enjoy those yummy veggies!


Mmmmm I really need some zuchinni bread!

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