Seasonal Announcment & Give-Away's

Now is the perfect time to plant herbs, everyone of them!
-From seed: Basil, Parsley, Cilantro, Chamomile
-Root Divisions are easy by carefully digging and dividing plants. Place in newly dug hole and water well.
-Pick up a herb plant or two at your local nursery and plant in a large pot or garden spot.  Herbs are shown in photographs in cute little pots or in collections, these are really only for decorations.  Herbs like to be able to spread their roots and grow to maturity without crowding.

Free Herb Plant Give-Away
I have the following herbs plants available for you:
Catnip - Calms Nerves, Aids Digestion
Mullein - Support Lung Health & Ears
Lemon Balm - Mood Enhancer
Feverfew - Eases Headaches
Oregano - Culinary & Immune System
~ Available Saturday, May 22 at Women's Herb Class or for scheduled pick-up.  Please email ASAP, as there is a limited supply.

Women's Herbal Health Class
Saturday, May 22 ~ 6 to 8:30 pm ~$35
We're having a tea party and learning about easy, thought provoking ways to enhance your health.  Hurry and email Kristine to save your seat, only a few left.

Handcrafted Herbal Soap Give-Away
Bring a friend with you to Women's Health Class or Herbs 101 and receive a FREE bar of our beautiful Handcrafted Herbal Soap of your choice. (Lavender, Patchouli Spice, Herbal Meadows, Vanilla Bean or Dog Soap)  Advance reservations only.

"Gardening is the act that you have hope in the future".


emily :) said…
Thank you! I have the seeds and just finished my garden should come see! :)
Shandra said…
Great site!!

Just thought I would let you and your readers know we are giving away a FREE Bosch Mixer (over $300) on our blog this month! Visit our blog for more details to see how easy it is to win!

Good luck

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