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Herbal Momma, aka, Kristine Farley loves everything herbal, but has an infinity for all domestic and home arts.
This blog is a journal of family and domestic art activities that will be published in her forthcoming book,
Herbal Momma's School of Domestic Arts.

January 9, 2010

Herbal Momma's Goals for 2010

This past year has be wonderful!  I have learned many things, been blessed and seen abundance in many ways.  This New Year I am full of exciting ideas and expectations for myself and to share with you.

- Blog post two times a week with encouraging, informational, useful, beautiful and inspiring ideas for you.

- Document, label and organize my ideas and information better. 
example- plant labels, etc.

- Teach more Herbal "how-to's" on blog and in classes.

- Photo document and make more tutorials available.

- Live, encourage and teach Balance and Relaxation. 
Life is meant to be exciting and fun, but not if stress gets out of hand.

- Continue my Love of Learning and share my journey with you.

I hope you'll join me for 2010 Journey. 
New Year's Blessings,

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