Garden Seed Inventory Done!

Today the sun was shining and it was in the low 50's. 
I spent about an hours tidying up 5 beds and preparing the soil for planting.  I was excited to see so many earth worms as I pulled stray weeds or old carrots.  There are more worms than ever before.
It must be a sign of a great gardening year ahead!

All of the seeds are organized in "shoebox" plasticware that is stored
in a bin that I take out to the garden or to starting flats. 
This bin is stored in our Canning Pantry that is attached to the house,
but has an outside door. 

The Vegetables, Herbs & Grains, Flowers each in a separate bin. 
I like to alphabetize them.  Larger quanities are in the jars
(Sugar Sweet Snap Peas, Jacob's Cattle Beans (a dry bean) and Dill Seed.
I listed each seed in a garden journal with notations of which need to be purchased and the days to maturity.  I would like to convert this list to an excel sheet with more information on each,
including how they have grown in our garden, planting dates, etc. 

This is what is stored inside the bin. 
I seem to use these item while planting and like to keep them together. 
The only thing I may also carry is the garden journal to record planting,
harvesting information or seed collecting..
The 2010 Garden Almanac by Ed Hume doesn't stay here because I use it on
my Sunday planning time to see what needs to be planted that week.

Now I am really excited to go through the seed catalogs for new
information, ideas and varieties. 
I really like the information in the Farmers Almanac and purchase one
every year.  They are usually "right on" for their weather predictions.

Happy Garden Dreams!!!


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