Early Gardening Alert, Plus

I am still in the mist of my "getting it together" after the holidays, but I just had to share a few gardening thoughts.

-Gardening Seeds are 40% off at Fred Meyers stores and they have the Ed Hume 2010 Moon Sign Gardening Booklet on the Ed Hume seed rack for $1.79.  I buy one of these every year and use it as my Gardening 'To-Do' reference guide.  Ed Hume seeds are perfect for the Pacific Northwest and very reliable.  Here is the link to Ed Hume Non-Hybrid Seeds.  http://www.humeseeds.com/openpol.htm  I make a purchase list from this page and buy most of my seeds from Fred Meyers.  FM usually has them on sale this time of year through February.

-Another great deal is:
http://www.wintersown.org/wseo1/Free_Seeds.html   They have free Heirloom Seeds.  Last year they ran out of tomatoes, so you will want to get onto this link asap and choose the ones you would like.  You have to go to "Begin Here" and will be taken through a gardening quiz with help along the way.  Everyone wins and then you get to print off a sheet to verify that you can answer gardening questions and a sheet for your order.  You send these two sheets in along with a B-SASE with 2- first class stamps.  Easy and fun.  Who doesn't like getting FREE things in the mail, especially gardening things?

-This past year I have participated in a few seed exchanges.  One of the treasures that I scored was this package of Micro Greens.  I want to plant these next week and put them in the south windows, but I need oblong planters with trays.  These were too pricey for me.  So I found an very inexpensive alternative.  Plastic containers, shoe box size.  Right now they are on sale for $.75 to $1, most every where.  I will use the lid as the Dripper Tray and put drain hole in the bottom of the container with a hot needle.  That way instead of $10 a planter I will have spent a dollar or less.  I guess you could say, "We will be eating the GREENS".

-We are in the process of doing a homeschool unit study - FOOD Inc.  
I highly recommend everyone to watch this insightful movie.  It is available in the library, Netflix, etc.  We are now having interesting discussions about food, gardening and raising animals.  All of these the children (teenagers), have participated in, but now they are understanding why I have felt the way I do about healthy, clean food.  Please watch this movie with your families and talk about it.  And decide what you want on your dinner table.

Happy Healthy New Year Blessings EVERYDAY!!!


emily :) said…
Thank you!!! I always feel a bit uneducated in this area, which in turn allows hesitation to creep in and then I find myself procrastinating until it is too late! You are wonderful, thank you again! :)
Matt-Lanae said…
Great movie! My husband and I learned so much. Thank you for posting such needed information.

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