Inventory and Evaluate

After such a busy Christmas Season I like to take some time to inventory and evaluate my home and life.

We still have a houseful of children and grand-daughters, so the first week of January goal will be to inventory:
-Pantry, Canning Closet and Freezer
-Herbs, including Essential Oils and herb product making supplies (I will list these soon)
-Garden Seeds (vegetables, herbs and flowers)
I set up a simple table from Word to record our lists. Then the planning and budgeting will start.

I also like to inventory my life.  I know that sounds pretty broad, but I look at what is going well and I like and what is not.  There are extras that take too much time and are not productive.  These will be eliminated.  The projects and activities that bring joy will be increased.  Time is too precious to waste on things that don't really matter.

My husband and I make a list of the household projects that we would like to get done.  These we will plan time and money for.  We also set goals of service.  We also like to talk to the children that are at home about their personal goals.

After the Inventory and Evaluation, we will Eliminate the un-necessary.  That's how preparedness and freedom are enjoyed!

Happy New Year!!!


emily :) said…
What a great way to end a year! I'm going to try that too! Thanks :)

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