Budding Herbalist

This afternoon it was time to go out and get a little dirty.  The two budding herbalist requested an adventure outside to find herbs.  First we found old pumpkins; we used sticks and our feet to open and smash them so the birds could eat the seeds.  Then we found two different gourds and a butternut squash and did the same to them.

We discovered some fall planted winter wheat that was almost "freeze dried" by our recent cold snap.  There was some beautifully soft mullein leaves.  The girls learned that these leaves can be used for toliet paper in an outdoor pinch. There were still some yummy sweet carrots left in the garden, but little else to eat. The sage is still available to harvest and very hardy.  To the newbie herbalist who wanted spearmint and peppermint there was a slight disappointment.  But a few springs of fennel seeds where a redeeming treat.  We tasted some seeds and decided that we needed to have a "tea party".

 We used my childhood tea set to sip Fennel Peppermint Tea made from our picked fennel and some dried peppermint.  We ate sliced fresh carrots, gingerbread cookies and nibbled on the sage and fennel seeds.  They liked fennel seeds alot.

We talked about the importance of  asking Mommy or Grandma what herbs and plants are safe to eat or use for tea.  If you don't know see a good identification book or go to a Herbal Wildcraft Walk.  I will be having Herbal Wildcraft Walks in the spring....want to come?

Take time for a relaxing tea party.  What are you going to have at your tea party? 


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