I Just Started Couponing and Saved over $20

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?  I have never couponed, except for a occasional store coupon.  A blog, www.prepardnesspro.com, written by Kallene Bishop, has written about saving money and being more prepared by using coupons.  I thought right???  But I decided to give it a trial try and started collecting coupons, put together a binder to organized and hold them.  Then with the help of Kallene's articles and some others online, I make a couple of very small purchases.  This is my first start at bigger savings.

All of the items in the picture rang up to be $41.23.  Then I presented store and manufactured coupons.  And it was like magic....dollars started being deducted before my eyes!  I then paid $19.27.  Amazing!!!!

So I guess I will continue learning and couponing to fill my provident pantry.  And we will be more prepared.
What to join the journey?


Anonymous said…
Look at you go!!! This is awesome, I'm so glad you've found my coupon info helpful. Love your book, it looks a lot like mine! FYI, my name is spelt Kellene. Thanks for the shoutout!


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