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November 20, 2009

I Just Started Couponing and Saved over $20

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?  I have never couponed, except for a occasional store coupon.  A blog, www.prepardnesspro.com, written by Kallene Bishop, has written about saving money and being more prepared by using coupons.  I thought right???  But I decided to give it a trial try and started collecting coupons, put together a binder to organized and hold them.  Then with the help of Kallene's articles and some others online, I make a couple of very small purchases.  This is my first start at bigger savings.

All of the items in the picture rang up to be $41.23.  Then I presented store and manufactured coupons.  And it was like magic....dollars started being deducted before my eyes!  I then paid $19.27.  Amazing!!!!

So I guess I will continue learning and couponing to fill my provident pantry.  And we will be more prepared.
What to join the journey?

1 comment:

preparednesspro said...

Look at you go!!! This is awesome, I'm so glad you've found my coupon info helpful. Love your book, it looks a lot like mine! FYI, my name is spelt Kellene. Thanks for the shoutout!