Have You Put Your Garden to Bed?

Gardening can't be easier if you garden in raise beds and mulch in the fall.  Yes, it does have some up-front costs and time invested (see garden bed post for "how-to's"), but gardening will become a easy and a complete joy.

Today I started putting our garden to bed.  As you can see it looks "straggly".  The far back bed has winter braccias family and winter wheat planted in it.  Some of the other beds have salad greens and onions.  Those beds will be mulched with leaves around the exsisting plants. 

Here are the steps I use to Putting Our Garden to Bed.

#1 - Remove old vegetables.

#2 Pull back hoses.

#3 - Raked and smoothed out soil.  Repositioned hose.

#4 - Cover with fall leaves or straw.  Do not use hay or you will have your bed full of grass.

In the spring all you have to do is pull back the leaves slightly to expose only the soil where the seed is going to go.  Plant your seed and you already have your weed mulch in place.  This is the easiest way to garden.
Now off to get the rest of the garden put to bed for winter.


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