Canned Chicken

I love having canned chicken on the shelf.  With it and a few other ingredients I can have a fabulous dinner in no time.

Right now I am trying to clean out the freezer to make room for those $.29 per pound turkeys.  So I've been canning chicken. 

The quart jar on the right is boneless chicken thighs that were purchased last month for $42 for a 40 pound box from Cash N Carry.  The box contained 4 - 10 pound bags.  That works out to be $1.05 per pound.  We really like the thigh because of the flavor.

The pint jar in from is boneless chicken breast that was purchases for $1.59 per pound.  A little less fat on the top, but also less flavor.

Here's how to Can Chicken:
- Rinse thawed chicken in cold water and place (raw) into jars leaving 1/2" cap space.
- Add 1/2 teaspoon salt for pints and 1 teaspoon for quarts.
- Process in pressure canner for 90 minutes at 10 pounds pressure.

The jar on the left is Chicken Rice Soup.  Most of the time I make soup in a large kettle.  This way we have at least two meals for the four of us and some to can or freeze.  Canning soup with meat is the same as canning chicken. 

Right now in the pantry we have three kinds of soup ready to open up, heat and eat; Chicken Rice, Chicken Garden Vegetable and Chicken Tortilla Soup.  It is awesome to have these meal ready and know what is in them.  They are a yummy treat and the college kids wish they had some for winter.  They may have to take some home after Christmas.  Yum....


Anonymous said…
Glad to see you canning your meats as well. It's definitely a cheaper way of storing protein than buying the canned stuff -- less chemicals, too! I use canned meat even on an everyday basis. Very economical.

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