WOW - We Completed 2 Weeks NO Currency

We did it!  And it wasn't that hard.  I really wanted to drive through DQ for a blizzard one time.  My DH wanted to go to the store to buy ice cream. DD was a great support.  DS was happy as long as he was full.  DH did go to Home Depot and bought chain saw oil.  I actually made it the whole 2 weeks on one tank of gas.  DH filled for his commute, but we made no extra trips.

Not shopping has allowed me more time to finish some long awaited projects and that felt so good. 

It was easy for us to make substitutes for most food items. Last night we wanted a sweet treat and we made "Dog Poop" (no bake cookies) recipe follows.  Of course everything in them are staples in the pantry or refrigerator. 

We learned that we are low on some things and that it's a good idea to have extra of our basic pantry items at all times.  We only ran out of quart sized ziplocks & dog food, we bought the dog food and did without the ziplock bags. Here's our shopping list of the things that we want to have extra of, but we didn't run out of: quart sized ziplock bags, dog food, cupcake liner papers, non-stick spray, tabasco sauce, liquid stevia, kitchen trash bags, dishwasher soap, dishwashing soap, washing soda (for homemade laundry soap), balsamic vinegar.

A great way to celebrate our 2 Weeks of No Currency, store bought ice cream & pie cookies. 
What a wonderful learning experience this has been!!!  Thanks Prepardness Pro for challenging us.

3 Month Supply List
This is a list that I carry in my purse notebook and try to have these as my purchasing priority. I try to have all of these items on-hand at all times. These items along with canning and meat in the freezer completes our 3 month supply of regularly used food and household items. Remember though, that this is a consistent work in progress and is never done, just rotated and adapted to our family.

12 pkgs - pasta                                                            
2 - 7lb. pkg. raisins                                                
8 pkgs. walnuts                                                            
8 pkgs. almonds
25# pwd. milk                                                             
5 lbs. protein pwd.                                                 
3 gal. olive oil                                                              
1 gal. white vinegar
6# br. sugar                                                                
50# sugar                                                              
3# pwd. sugar                                                             
1# cinnamon
10 pkgs. choc. chips                                                    
2 maple extracts                                                      
3 large pkgs. corn tortillas                                            
2 apple cider vinegar
2# parmesan cheese                                                    
4# mozzarella cheese                                           
4# cheddar cheese                                                       
25# onions
50# potatoes                                                              
2 pkgs.-15 dozen eggs                                          
2 - cottage cheese                                                        
12# butter
1# chili pwd.                                                               
1 beef soup base                                                   
1 chicken soup base                                                     
3# honey
50# flour   
1 gal. olive oil
1# yeast                                                                 
2- Qtips                                                                
6 pkgs. TP                                                                   
3 shampoo
1 gal. dishsoap                                                             
1 tub dishwasher soap                                           
1 toothpaste

Dog Poop (no bake cookies)
I can't remember when we started calling these Dog Poop.  It was just a funny, catchy name that the kids still giggle about...especially when they ask their friends if they would like some "Dog Poop".
Place into a medium saucepan -
2 cups sugar                          
1/2 cup cocoa
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup butter
Bring these ingredients to a full boil and boil for 2 minutes.  Remove from heat and add:
1/2 cup peanut butter                          
3 cups quick oats (regular cut oatmeal can be put into the blender or food processor, 1 cup at a time.)
Stir until well mixed and drop into "piles" onto wax or freezer paper.  Let cool for firmer cookie, if you can wait.  Yum!


emily :) said…
Congratulations!! We are going to try this soon...I'm very curious what the outcome will be for our family :) BTW, we love no bake our family we call them "moose droppings" :)
Tiffanee said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tiffanee said…
Sorry it was me who deleted the comment. My fingers are not awake and not typing what I was thinking. I love the Dog Poop it made me laugh. We call them Gorilla Poop at our house. I am relieved that we are not the only ones with funny names for our food!!

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