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Herbal Momma's School of Domestic Arts.

October 17, 2009

Update - 14 Day Using No Currency

We are on day #7 and all is going well. We have redused our car trips and been very happy with the meals that we have prepared.

-Wenesday we did have to spent $4.78 on dog food. We didn't check on that supply before we started.

-Each of us have resisted buying ice cream, a favorite, and other easy to purchase snacks, except a 14 yr. son, who remain namesless :) and "needed" to buy the skittles that were in the vending machine at the pool. We have also waited to get home to eat after being out.

-I did have to spend $13.95 on postage today to send a older child a box of things that he HAD to have at college ASAP.

Other than these things no currency has been spent. We have a running list of things that will be nice to have in our home supply.

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preparednesspro said...

Talk about will power, Kristine! Thanks for the blog post detailing your experiences.