Our House Smells Like Heaven

Today, between storms, I dawned my over-alls and garden shoes and headed out to the yard. I had hoped that the scented geranium, Rose Attar and the Lemon Verbena weren’t damaged by the frost and hard rain that we have had. They were fine, so I harvested the branches of both and they are hanging at the edges of the curtains in the dining room. Oh, how I wish the internet were “scratch-n-sniff” for you to smell. The fragrance is like heaven.

I dug up the plants and re-potted them to bring in for winter. They don’t look like much, but they have the ability to “enliven” the soul by their scent. The Lemon Verbena makes a wonderful tea, especially mixed with Lemon Balm and Lemon Thyme for sore throats or just because. The Rose Geraniums will be a lovely addition to the Rose Lavender Potpourri that is given as a special gift at Christmas.

I’ve been meaning to get the All Blue Potatoes harvested. They were grown in a garbage can, with holes in the bottom and sides. As you can see by the picture the harvest is small. We will only eat the cut one. The rest I am saving for seed for next spring planting. Maybe we will have better luck growing them then.

Gardening is my favorite experiment. You never know what will do well, but it is one of the most exciting things for me to watch as a seed, this size “o” is planted, watered, weeded and it produces abundance to grace our table.


Cheryl said…
Does the Lemon Balm have to be brought in, or can it over-winter in the garden? Mine are planted right by the house.
Cheryl said…
Our potatoes in the garbage cans didn't produce well either. Mine will stay in the raised beds next year!
Kristine said…
Lemon Balm is a hardy prennial and does well outside. I love to see it poking through the ground with new leaves in the early sping:)

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