Red Barn

We are so happy to live on property with a red barn. My folks were able to come from their home in Colorado, this month for my 50th birthday. And here's a picture of the two of them in front of our barn.

Back in the spring of 2001 we had a house fire and had the opportunity to relocate. We looked at this property 5 times before putting an offer on it. My folks came with us the last time to look at it with us.

My mom went home, then California, designed and made this beautiful quilt for our "new" house. She had a feeling that this would be the one for our family. She was right!
The quilt hangs in our entry way, along with a barbwire wreath and a family picture of us with our blue tractor, the dog and the sunflowers.

While Mom and Dad were here we went to the beach, and
Mt. Rainer, but much of our time was spent harvesting the garden, preserving it and peaches (we did almost 100 quarts with the help of the girls), drying herbs, telling funny stories and eating good food.

Thanks Mom and Dad for your love and support. You taught me well!


emily :) said…
Sounds like a wonderful visit with the family! Hope your birthday was happy! :)
Tina- said…
love seeing your barn and wow..all the canned goods behind you and your mom..wonderful!glad you had a good visit with family..and a Happy belated birthday.
Kristine said…
My birthday was great & I've decided to celebrate everyday for the second half of my life. :)

Thanks for the birthday wishes!
L Rammell said…
Happy Birthday Kristine! I love your pictures! You are amazing your pantry looks great!
Kera B said…
I wish we could have been there when G&G were there, but I'm glad you guys all had fun! maybe next year we can all be together again!

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