Belated Garden Post

The new garden beds have increased our production greatly.
This is one days picking. Sometimes it has taken me 2 hours to pick
and 8 hours to put it all up. Not that I'm complaining...I love it!
Thank goodness the beds need little to no maintenance
and everything just keeps producing. We are continually
planting and re-planting as plants are finished. For example; when the lettuce is done we replant with swiss chard, carrots or beets. I try to keep all of the beds soil continually planted. Trying new varieties for fall or winter harvest or wintering over vegetables like purple shoot broccoli.

In late summer we don't eat many traditional green salads, we eat cabbage salads and use cabbage on tacos, we love Greek salads with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, garlic,Parmesan cheese, black olives (if we have them) olive oil and apple cider or herb vinegar with a little salt and pepper.

These beautiful Autum Beauty Sunflowers are different than any other we have grown. I love the small inside petals that are almost feathery. They are planted in front of our red barn.

This year we have tried different varieties of edibles, including these dark purple tomatillos. They are suppose to have a fruitier flavor than the green ones and be able to be used in mixed fruit preserves, etc. They aren't ripe yet, but are so cute.

But speaking on something not cute.....we have a pest of the four legged variety in our garden that we have yet to figure out what it is. We are leaning towards rabbits. See those "buck" tooth marks on the produce. Whatever it is, it likes strawberries as well as beets, and everything else in the garden. I'm happy to share, but would like to do on my own terms. :)
If you have any suggestions we are open to them.


Tina- said…
the garden produce and sunflowers look fab! hmm maybe keep a look out for a possum too... or raccoon.I know possums enjoy strawberries a lot.(having had a "pet" possum as a kid..the possum's fave food was that "may" be what is after the berries)hope you find the culprit.
Kristine said…
Do they have the big buck teeth?

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