July Joys

This month has been very hot and the garden is full of joys and surprises. My sweet husband, Scott, loves going out and picking strawberries. It's all about the hunt. Here he is with the treasures.

This is the first year we've ever had cauliflower grow. I keep checking them and nothing. Then we had some very hot weather and BOOM...here they are. Oh, they tasted so good with some cheddar cheese and ranch!

This past year I bought 4" pots of these Martha Washington geraniums. They bloomed last summer and never really grew much. In the fall I re-potted them and put them in a basement window. They bloomed a little in the winter. I replanted them in May in two large blue ceramic pots that flank our back porch. They are growing like crazy and have bloomed so beautifully. I think they may need to be trimmed back some before I re-pot them in the fall. My Great Grandma Thomas and Grandma Young grew these in California Bay Area. Martha Washington's are so much nicer than the regular ones.


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