Sewing Expo in Puyallup

February 26th Emily and I went the the Sewing Expo in Puyallup. We enjoyed all the "Eye Candy" and came home with lots of ideas and motivation for some new sewing projects. We unloaded our bags and are ready to sew!!!

There were some items to share with you.

~Vogue Fabrics online has a wonderful selection of reasonably priced fabrics. I always purchase a piece or two from them every year at the expo and am convinced that it will be a great place to order fabric online.
This year I bought the cute green floral linen.

~After the Expo Emily and I went over to Joann's and I purchased the best quality satin that they had for a new pillowcase for myself. I turn 50 this year and satin pillowcases are said to be helpful for wrinkle prevention. Only time will tell....

~Simplicity has a couple of new patterns, called Amazing Fit, that say they will fit better for your body shape, not just your measurements. I purchased the pant and dress ones. These items will be posted as they are made.

~Sandra Betzina and Marcy Tilton are expert pattern designers and had a great fashion show. I really appreciate Sandra's patterns with all their detail and easy instructions. The patterns are like a step-by-step sewing book, plus they are for the "real" women's body.

~Emily was especially excited to learn to embroider. We purchased some iron-on transfer pencils to prepare our embroidery designs.

~We only took the FREE classes and really enjoyed the fashion shows. It is fun to see that dresses are "IN" again.

~Pacific Fabrics has a "After the Expo" party each night. We made cute memory necklaces and Wool Strip Flower Pins. We bought the loom for making the flowers and think we can use other fabric strips, instead of the wool. The grand-daughter might enjoy some of these flowers on hair bands?

The sewing expo is the last weekend in February every year. It makes a great date for Mom's & Daughters or friends.


Melonie said…
It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Would've made a great Mom & Daughter day.

I used to have satin pillowcases and yes, they do help with wrinkles. They also help keep your hair from tangling up at night if you don't like to sleep with it pulled up, or at least they did for me. :-)
Kristine said…
Thanks for letting me know your experience with the pillowcases.

I appreciate your plug for my blog on yours! It would be great to have you over to play! I'll look forward to that day...let me know when it will be. :)
Laura said…
I look forward to doing things like that with my daughter when she gets older. Sounds like fun!
Tiffanee said…
So did you two make the gorgeous dress Emily wore to the Formal? Did you see the also gorgeous picture of her that they took that night? It is stunning!! She looks so beautiful.

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