Mending & Refashioning

Saturday I was able to catch-up on some mending and refashioning.
The sweater was purchased at a thrift store for $.99, but it was a crew and very boring. Though it is one of my favorite colors. I zig-zaged where planned on restyling the neckline, trimed off the crew neckline, folded it over and sewed on the trim that was in the cupboard. I am very happy with the results and am not afraid to purchase and remake sweaters. Just remember to zig-zag stitch where you plan on cutting, before you cut.

This is a pair of favorite jeans that I dyed a few weeks ago, but the button/brad came off. I just had trimmed off the top of another pair of jeans to make Emily a skirt and had the waist band in the basket.

-Cut off button/brad old waistband, 2" in diameter.

-Push button/brad through hole.

-Zig zag around button/brad careful not to break your needle.

-Trim off excess fabric. Done!
This mending area is covered by the other side of the waistband closure.

These pants were identical and purchased new for $3 each from the thrift store. I dyed one. Not bad for a total of $8 for 2 a pairs of nice slacks.


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