New Year...Get Out of DEBT

2009 is our family's year to get out of debt. Except for the house.
We are excited and motivated about doing this. And we have a plan. As you can see, Scott is cutting up credit cards.

We have been watching Dave Ramsey's dvd homeschool set;
Foundations of Personal Finance as a family. We tell our younger kids (ages 13 & 16) that they are getting the financial education at the same time we are. It will be so cool if they choose to use it and avoid financial challenges.

If you are interested in getting out of debt and having a balanced finances see:

Lots of great resources, some of them are free. His book; Total Money Makeover is in our local library's. I hope it's in yours.

Maybe our government can learn some things from Dave Ramsey.


Melonie said…
I did the cutting of the credit cards years ago after my first husband had way too much fun with them. I've never regretted it either.

Husband 2.0 (a definite upgrade, I must say) and I LOVE Dave Ramsey's books. Check out his older stuff too, not just Total Money Makeover. They are good reads. And you are so right - our government could learn a lot from him. Too bad most of our legislators are proving they are more interested in what makes the press and looks like a handy Band-aid than in making effective changes that won't have our country paying things off generations from now. :-(
Kristine said…
Thanks Melonie for the reminder about Dave's older books. They are in our local library and very good.

My sweet man is the also a new & improved model of over 10 years now. :)

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