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Herbal Momma, aka, Kristine Farley loves everything herbal, but has an infinity for all domestic and home arts.
This blog is a journal of family and domestic art activities that will be published in her forthcoming book,
Herbal Momma's School of Domestic Arts.

January 7, 2009

New FREE Help with Food Storage

I can't tell you how excited I am about these new sites for helping us get our food storage togehter. They are too good not to use & it's FREE! Sign-up for their bi-weekly newsletter with baby steps to help you get your food storage.


These sites are inter-related with lots of FREE motivating information, ideas, recipes and fun!

There were started by four young moms wanting to help their family's be better prepared.


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The Rutts said...

Hey Kristine!! How fun you have a blog!! I am so glad I found it!
How is your family doing?
Check out our blog at www.elliotandrachel.blogspot.com

Hope you guys are doing well! I am sorry we havent even come by yet! Anytime next week work for you??