Emily's Refashioned Wardrobe

What teenager doesn't like new and more clothes? A friend in our homeschool group had been given a lot of clothes that she couldn't use. So she dropped them off for us. Thank you, Lisa!

They were very nice brand name clothing. A few things fit Emily, but many didn't. I altered
and sized down:

5-pairs of pants, 1-Banana Republic sweater, 2-pairs of PJ's, 1-cami,
2-hoodies, 10-shirts, and a partiage in a pear tree :)

We also dyed all the white items, using Rit Dye. Teal, denim and purple.

Now Emily has a big wardrobe of clothes to choose from.


Melonie said…
How fun!!! And I love your new skirt and sweater set too. Very chic and pulled-together. I'll have to go check out that blog. Sounds fun!
Kristine said…
So fun to see what others are doing. Makes you think about recycle, reuse, remake & sew....
marlygage said…
Hi Kristine,
Thanks for the encouragement in your posts to use what we have and share what we don't need. I'm inspired! I'm in Federal Way, with husband and 5 at home. We homeschool and are with CVA.

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